Town of Oakville seeks to grow Greenbelt with Fourteen Mile Creek lands

Inside Halton, Feb 10,2014

“Fending off bulldozers while saving habitat, city councillor and environmental activist Allan Elgar has mastered a rare skill: protecting nature without spending a cent.”
(Ontario Nature Magazine feature article on Councillor Allan Elgar

Ontario Nature

Councillor Elgar recipient of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 2013

Conservation Ontario Award Winner Councillor Allan Elgar

Tree Stories by Susan Poizner -featuring Allan Elgar Regional and Town Councillor

“Outspoken Oakville Councillor Allan Elgar has a name for the practice of building a
sprawling subdivision on prime farmland: He calls it “the final crop.”
(Toronto Star Dec. 5, 2009 “where homes don’t grow”)

“That vision of the future stirred the town’s environmentalists to action, leading to the creation of the Oakville Green activist group and the election of green politicians such as Councillor Allan Elgar.” (Toronto Star January 26, 2010)

Battle over development fees heats up in Oakville (Toronto Star July 2 2009)

Keeping the Oak in Oakville (Oakville Beaver July 29,2010)

Elgar- Shunning  Corporate Donors--(Toronto Star May 2 2010)

Councillor Elgar speaks in support of public health. “I believe that
this by-law will protect the health and well being of our community,”
Feb 3,2010)

No hunting debate: Halton Region
(Metroland West Media Group Jan 28, 2010)

“You wouldn’t need that road expanded at all if it wasn’t for the growth,” said Elgar.
(Oakville Beaver Jan 29 2010)

Tree Stories by Susan Poizner -featuring Allan Elgar Regional and Town Councillor

Councillor Elgar-Carolinian Canada Award Recipient

Councillor Elgar wins Carolinian Kudo

Councillor Elgar – Public Appointment Secretariat Ontario Canada

Councillor Elgar Niagara Escarpment Commissioner

Councillor Elgar- Ontario Greenbelt Alliance Leader

Tree Story:
The Great White Oak video by Susan Poizner -a must view