Samples of endorsements I have received from residents.

“I’ve worked with Allan for about eight years, first as a co-founder of Oakvillegreen and later as Town Councillor for Ward 4. We have literally spent thousands of hours together discussing issues, analyzing reports, and consulting with experts throughout the GTA. He impressed me in so many ways–his passion, integrity, willingness to listen, and ability to quickly understand complex information.

I see Allan as a champion for the residents of Oakville, particularly those in Ward 4. He cares deeply about their rights and is always willing to stand up and fight hard to protect those rights, including the right not to have your backyard suddenly lit up like Times Square, as was the case for those living near Loyola.

But what stands out most about Allan is his determination and tenacity. Back in 2003, his plea to council and staff to consider zoning as a way to save green space was generally brushed aside. At that time, if a woodlot was to be preserved, it was generally purchased with taxpayer money. He was told that preserving a Natural Heritage System in north Oakville was going to cost over $200 million. But he was determined and he did his research and he persisted–he knew zoning would be the answer.

Honestly, Allan was like a dog with a bone. He refused to give up and during this last term of council, his vision finally got the attention it deserved. The zoning concept was endorsed by the OMB, and has attracted the attention of the mainstream media and other growing communities. Because of Allan’s tenacity, we have protected thousands of hectares of land in Halton at no cost to taxpayers!

Allan also believes strongly that the costs of growth should not be borne by the taxpayer and has fought hard to make developers pay their fair share. In this last term of council, he was successful, and going forward, developers will be paying 60% more of the costs of development than they’d been paying before

I think it’s critically important that we re-elect Allan to Regional Council to ensure that the positive changes he brought about will not be undone by those who may be tied to the development industry.”

Renee Sandelowsky
Former Ward 4 Town Councillor and Resident

“Since 2004, there have been numerous times when I requested assistance from my Regional Councillor because of issues negatively impacting our community. The issues were wide ranging from development that was not consistent with Official Plans to water pressure concerns. Why am I so impressed with the representation received from Allan? First, a timely acknowledgement of correspondence was received and more often the query would be directed to an individual who could respond to these concerns. There were always proper follow ups to requests that ensured my concerns were addressed. Allan’s in-depth knowledge in areas such as OMB jurisdiction (rural versus urban), the various Regional and Town departments and their responsibilities were assets that permitted our Ratepayer‘s Association to navigate through what a layman would label as the “bureaucratic maze”. As a team player, Allan can solicit the cooperation of other politicians and staff.

I would like to elaborate on Allan’s in-depth knowledge of issues. His knowledge must come from a lot of hard work reviewing reports, keeping abreast of trends etc. As a former planning engineer for Ontario Hydro, I was interested in a recent Town of Oakville report detailing appropriate sites for generation in Ward 4. These locations were in a natural area known as the Parkway Belt West. In other areas of Oakville, the Parkway Belt was not designated as a location for new generating plants. I contacted Allan’s office to express my concerns; however, Allan already found the reference to this potential problem in that 100 page report and already engaged Town staff to treat this natural area in a similar fashion to other segments of the Parkway Belt in Oakville.

Allan’s philosophy of controlled growth and a realistic approach to maintaining aspects of our natural environment are objectives that I support. Quite simply, I envision Halton Region and the Town of Oakville with a proper balance between low density and high density developments. I also want a realistic preservation of our natural areas. I can be assured that these objectives are what Allan has worked for as a Regional Councillor and will continue to work for in the future.”

Ed Kurak, Ward 4 resident

“Allan Elgar is a principled man: he listens to his constituents; he thoroughly investigates and researches issues; he works co-operatively and long hours with his fellow councillors to find solutions to the challenges and concerns facing our town. We are deeply grateful for the work he does to represent us and to safeguard our community through the increasingly complex political matters confronting Oakville and the Halton Region. We recommend and stand in support of him; thank you Allan!”

Ann & Blair Ferguson

“The upcoming municipal elections on October 22nd has brought forward the disappointing fact that we are no longer in your Ward 4 area,  but have been changed to Ward 2.

As the Ward 4 Councillor, you have provided such great service to the Town of Oakville and most importantly, staying in contact with   us by e-mail on various major issues of concern.  If we had a question or concern, you were an e-mail away and always responded.  We are sorry to lose you as our councillor and to not be voting for you again this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of service and wish you all the best in the upcoming election.


Maurice Cassidy and Heather Sinclair

“When you go past a ‘designated for green space’ sign in a new development, when you see ducks sitting in your local ‘pond’, when you are lucky enough to walk, jog or bike the many trails in Ward 4 and throughout Oakville, thank Allan Elgar. Allan has been able to balance the unique challenge of meeting Oakville’s economic growth demands while maintaining the natural and green space beauty that brings so many to live here. Allan got involved in politics because of his passion to preserve Oakville’s green spaces and he has lived up to every obligation and more these past eight years. We love how Allan keeps his constituents posted on important matters that will have a long term effect on our community. Go hug a tree and vote for Allan for another four years.”

Lesley and Brad Dalgarno, Ward 4 residents

“Allan Elgar is a dedicated and hard working councillor. His passion and common sense, especially when it comes to our environment, go a long way towards making Halton a better place to live.”

Sarah Harmer, Grammy Award winner, and environmental activist

“He is aware of the issues by keeping an open line of communication, because he cares about Oakville.
Your Firefighters strongly endorse Allan Elgar for re election in Ward 4.”

Carmen Santoro, Past President, Oakville Firefighters Assn

“Many thanks for all your hard work to advocate for the preservation of the Merton lands. I believe that your willingness to engage community partners and other council members on local environmental issues, have made a significant impact on ecological preservation and increasing the green canopy for Oakville.
Thank you”

“Allan, Oakville really is a great place to live. Thank you for your hard work and determination for seeing this through.
We know there is still much to be done to secure the remaining lands and have every confidence that you and the Oakville team will win the day.
Well done and thank you again.”
P and B M

“Thank you for your efforts to rallying the community in raising awareness and supporting this movement.”

“Thank you, Mr. Elgar, keep up the good work on our behalf!
I just wanted to pass along my thanks to all members of council for their past and ongoing support to ensure that the Merton Lands (Fourteen Mile Creek Lands) remain intact for future generations. This is no small task!
Yesterdays’ announcement removes a huge amount of stress for residents and we can now concentrate our efforts on the remaining portion of the property. We continue to believe that development of this property will have a negative impact on the creek and surrounding natural habitat. We look forward to the results of the ongoing EI study.
Once again, you have all gained much respect by recognizing the importance of this issue not just for our neighbourhood but for the Town as a whole.
MPP Kevin Flynn, Mayor Burton and Alan Elgar have played pivotable roles in getting us to this point and I am most grateful for their efforts!

“Many thanks Allan for your notification and for your hard work!

“Excellent news Allan. Your efforts and those of Council are very much appreciated.”

“I am in agreement with your objective … all the best in achieving it .It will be good for Oakville .. both directly for those who golf and environmentally
Keep up the good fight”

“Wonderful news. Congratulations to your team for working so hard towards the goal. I and Oakville Cricket Club supports you and your mission.

“Well done. Some sanity at last.”

“Thank you for the great news and strong leadership!!”

“Well done, Allan.I appreciate you commitment to Oakville. All the best!”

“Dear Allan,
Thank you for your hard work and its nice to know that ‘Strength in Numbers” can achieve something good these days!!!Land is a HOT commodity and please keep OAKVILLE GREEN – that is what makes Oakville so attractive to live….

“Congratulations, much of this success is due to your hard work and commitment to the issue.”

“Hi Allan:
Thank you for all your work on this. You are amazing! What a legacy you are leaving for Oakville.
All the best,”

“Allan, Thank you for your leadership on this file. Greenspace is a defining characteristic of Oakville. As a person who markets Toronto I can assure you that protecting greenspace does not dissuade businesses from locating in Oakville… In fact it becomes a practical selling point.
Proper development in the right spot will ensure residents and businesses will continue to grow in Oakville.
Once again I thank you, the Mayor and council for protecting this space.”

“Dear Mr. Elgar,
Congratulations on this BIG win which to a large degree is due to your tireless efforts on behalf of Ward 4 constituents and indeed, all the residents of Oakville.
Many thanks and best wishes.”

“Fantastic work Allan! What would Oakville do without you? Count on our continuing support.”

At 07:16 PM 03/09/2014,
“Thank you & Kevin Flynn for your efforts to preserve the Merton Lands from development
Future citizens of Oakville will applaud your judgement & action”
Kindest regards P K

“Well done Allan… thanks for all your efforts toward keeping Merton Lands as golf courses and green space.”


“Thank you for all your hard work Alan.”

“I read your most recent Ward 4 Report in Let’s Talk Oakville with great interest and was so glad that the town will proceed with the goal of preserving all of Merton. Oakville needs two conveniently located, reasonably priced golf courses. Hamilton, Burlington, and Mississauga each have them. Most of the reasonably priced golf courses between Dundas Street and the QEW have been lost, e.g. Lido, Richview, Family Golf, and White Oaks.
Please pardon me for saying so, but I hope the Town is truly committed to this goal and not announcing it merely to stifle protest while a deal with land developers is made.
Perhaps Oakville would consider running one of the courses as a municipal course as Hamilton, Burlington, and Mississauga do?
Let’s continue to work towards making Oakville the most livable town in Canada!”


“Thank you for demonstrating outstanding leadership on behalf of the residents of Oakville and Ontario.

J & SF

“Congratulations Allan, I will support you for as long as you are willing to serve your fellow constituents. Great job, much appreciated.”

“I first met the regional councillor Allan Elgar in 2006 when we worked together to save the Woodlands White Oak Tree and succeeded. He is a man of integrity who works hard for his constituents. He definitely deserves your support to be re-elected.”

Joyce Burnell, Oakville resident who championed saving the Great White Oak

“As a resident of Oakville since 1966 and particularly a resident in the Glen Abbey area since 2003, I have been very pleased with the efforts of Allan Elgar, our Regional Representative. Allan has kept his ward informed and has been prompt to answer any questions or to search for information. I am pleased to support Allan and will definitely be voting for him on October 25th.”

Jackie Cutmore
former Executive Vice President, Oakville Chamber of Commerce
former Elected Official for Ward 2 (which included Glen Abbey) for 7 years and Ward 4 resident